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Rare 1970 Ford Mustang Convertible

with Shelby GT-350/500 RollBar

Cooler Weather is Convertible Time! If you are in need of a toy for yourself, are tired of depreciating assets, or are looking to lower your insurance and maintenance costs for your high-schooler… here it is. This is the rarest of the Mustang convertibles. Out of about 190,727 Mustangs built in 1970, they only made 7,673 convertibles, and how many are still around? How many of those are rust-buckets? … NOT THIS ONE!.

You can buy one of the 183,000 hardtops produced in 1970 all over ebay, but nice convertibles are a different matter. Remember, spending less on a rust bucket rotisserie project or mechanical nightmare will always cost more time, labor, money, and headaches than getting a good one in the first place. Not to mention the beautiful driving days you would miss.


  • Red 1970 Ford Mustang Convertible

  • Show winner: “Best-of-Show/Peoples Choice” – HCHS 2008, 2nd in Class – MHS 2009, 2nd MCOH 2010, 2nd MCOH 2011, 2nd MHS 2012

  • F-Code 302 (rebuilt in 2/10) – all correct except for:

    • -New small Edelbrock 1502 (500cfm) carb.

    • -New Edelbrock 2121 mild street intake

    • -New distributor

    • -Pertronix ignition

  • C4 Automatic Transmission (2/08 by Ford Specialties of Houston)

  • Correct Shelby Rollbar with all Shelby quarter trim (11/07 by Surefire Restorations/Shelby of Houston)

  • Factory A/C ready (inop.)

  • Power top

  • Power Steering


We set up this ad in sections so you can get more detail as you go. It is probably more info than you want, but better to err on that side. I bought this beauty for my wife and son, but we are over-toyed and it needs to find a new home. If you know about Mustangs, your first concern will be rust… I can find NO structural rust, and only minor discoloration in a few places. It appears that the pans had been done before we bought it. The other major annoyance on these cars is the “little things”; the minor bulbs, clips, brackets, screws, etc. that don’t work when you get it. We fix them when we find them. When we buy new parts, we get the best ones available and fix it right, since it is cheaper in the long run. Whether you buy this one or another one, always ask where the parts came from. The odometer reads about 100k, and it certainly looks about right.


· The 302 runs well and starts with ease. It has an Edelbrock 1502 4 bbl carb and a matching Edelbrock 2121 (“street performer”?) intake. The valve covers do not appear to leak and it does not burn oil at all. We took the original Motorcraft 2bbl carb and old intake off in order to make it more reliable as a daily driver, and to get a little better mileage.

· We installed the oval Cobra Shelby air cleaner, but if you would rather have the original blue one instead, that’s fine.

· Someone used rubber hose for the fuel line from the pump to the carb (VERY dangerous), so we replaced it with proper steel fuel tubing.

Mustang Hint #1- Please do not ever use rubber fuel hose next to a distributor (fuel + sparks = Car-B-Q).

· The C4 Automatic Transmission (full rebuild 2/08 by Ford Specialties of Houston) is the standard of Ford automatic transmissions. It shifts firm and true, with no drips.

· The 8” rear end feels like it is in the 2.79 gear range, but I do not know for sure.

· We had the radiator rebuilt in 8/09 and it is great, and the temp gauge is in the middle in hot Houston traffic. This was required for future re-installation the A/C system.


· The top-of-the-line Shelby rollbar, trim, and accessories were ordered from Branda Performance in PA; and professionally installed by Shelby expert Surefire Mustangs in Houston. It really improves the profile and handling of the car.

· The deluxe interior is in near perfect shape with new red/black Shelby comfortweave seats with new foam, new carpet, and new door panels.

· Some of the dash bulbs, flashers, switches, etc. were inoperative and neglected by prior owners. We fixed them too.

· The new Wood Steering wheel was installed in August, 2007, as well as a new full steering/turn/horn column harness.

Mustang Hint #2- avoid cars with horn problems until they are 100% fixed.

· This appears to have been a factory A/C car, but the equipment was long gone before we bought it. The new retro-kits reportedly work better anyway, but the hard-to-find correct controls and vents are already in the dash. Heater box assy was re-done in 2/08 by Surefire.

· With the wind noise, the new AM/FM/Ipod is not a symphony environment anyway, so I installed the new style dual mode stereo speaker into the stock dash mono speaker area, and correct Shelby door speakers as well.

· The speedo & gauges are all working (very uncommon), and the lenses are good also.

· The remote sport mirror works well.

· Correct 1970 deluxe floor console was restored and installed 3/09


· The body is clean and straight; the paint is in good shape with minor door dings from daily use, and is not original (it may have been lime green at one time). It has tastefully understated pin stripes down both sides. The hood, doors, top latches, and trunk open and close correctly with no sags.

Mustang Hint #3- Saggy doors are a very bad sign.

· The windshield glass is good, and the convertible top was replaced by the prior owner. The top fabric does however have a pinhole in it above the rear seat that we have not had fixed yet.

· An original Mach 1 honeycomb panel was installed on the tail panel between the all LED taillights

· The BFG tires are almost new and the sporty wheels look great.

· If you are in Texas, the 1970 Texas license tags will go with the car. I registered and titled it with those tags.


We replaced all of the PS hoses with new ones, had the valves professionally rebuilt, and replaced all of the fluid (11/08 by ADCO Steering). It works with one finger. New steering wheel was discussed earlier.


It has power disc brakes and they work fine.


The bottom has not been undercoated, but looks pretty good. There is minor surface discoloration, but it does not look structural at all. My Mustang consultant said the torx boxes and seat mounts were in good shape.

Mustang Hint #4- cars with undercoating are sometimes hiding rust and bad pan jobs.

The entire front end suspension and tie rods were all replaced by Surefire Mustangs in Houston in 2/08. As you would expect, it is tight. The dual exhaust system is in good shape and the mufflers sound great.


· The new radio is a modern digital unit with MP3 input in the old style case from John’s Mustang (USA-1)

    3-button Homelink system inside the console storage box

· The electric trunk release is programmed into the alarm remote unit for one-touch access

· The top of the line alarm system was installed by Executive Motoring in 2/08.

· Other significant security features will be disclosed privately to the buyer.


Q- If you were keeping it, what would you work on next?

A- It drives great right now, but our wish-list is:

· Undercoat it with POR-15

· Eventually install the A/C system

· Start thinking about new paint if it was not a daily driver

· Make it a Shelby clone, since the expensive rollbar is already there

Q- Did you buy a Marti Report?

A- Yes. It was originally a Yellow F-Code with a C-4 and 3.00 rear end gear

Q- Has this car ever placed in shows or events?

A- “Best-of-Show/Peoples Choice”–HCHS 2008, 2nd in Class–MHS 2009, 2nd MCOH 2010, 2nd MCOH 2011, 2nd MHS 2012 Otherwise, the trophy/ribbons/plaques from some shows in Indiana are to remain with the car; unfortunately, the prior owner did not give me the DVD of this car’s episode of “My Classic Car”.

Q- Is the Grabber Blue Shelby GT-350 Convertible behind it available too?

A- YES!… If you understand the costs involved in building a perfect 1970 Shelby (with a 5.0 HO EFI and AOD), we can discuss it, but it is waaay too fun to be given away


As you can see from the pictures, this is a beautiful classic Mustang Convertible. While Ford states that the Shelby rollbar is cosmetic in nature, the added protection for you or your child is a plus. In a manner consistent with our 100% Feedback from 1998, you will also notice that we included the imperfections in the description as well. Like any 40 year old car, it is sold AS-IS.

Please email me any questions you might have (other than reserve).

You can fly in and drive it home if you wish. Otherwise, we have a contact who dispatches auto transports all over America, so figure about $600-$800 depending on your location and patience. This is much less than you will pay otherwise.

We have clear Texas title with current license, registration, and inspection sticker. Although it is exempt from future Texas inspections, it was required for initial registration in Texas. Please make sure that you send your state’s transfer and registration forms as well.

Less than 10 feedback must contact us before bidding.


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